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GYB (Got You Babe) NEW RELEASE 04/24/14


We are proud to present Philip Morgan Lewis' new alternative blues rock single GYB (Got You Babe). The track has garnered rave reviews and support from Gary Crowley on his BBC introducing show on BBC London 94.9 and Wyatt Wendels  on UK national radio Planet Rock. Many radio stations across the world are already playing the single.

Radio & Press support:


BBC Introducing, BBC London 94.9, Planet Rock radio, WA12 Radio, EGH Radio, Radioaktiv (DE), Radio Trent, Captain Sib show, WSPN 91.1 Saratoga springs NY (US), The Basement Tapes, KKID 92.9FM (US), BHR 1287AM, World music United, Blues Rock Review, ICR 105.7FM, Krystal radio, Confessing the Blues network, WCPR 88.1FM Charleston, KC Online Radio Kansas, Our Generation Radio Columbia, Hunters Beach Radio, Mix It Up Radio Brisbane, WWDW 107.7 South Hill, WDLZ 98.3 Murfreesboro, WTRG 97.9 Roanoke Rapids, Bourbon to Beale New Orleans, Radio Masque Musica Tampa, Blues in the Burg Radio Fredricksburg, Charlietown Blues St. Charles, The Wolf 95.7 Fredericton, Roatan Radio 101.1 FM Honduras, Monadnock Internet Radio, Sound Machine Radio Moyock, WIQK Pittsburgh, WODR 105.3 Whiteville, KRocks Radio 1670 AM Wyoming, Blues and Roots Radio Toronto, Rock Mauritius Radio, Russia Speaks Radio, DWOS 103.1 MAGIK FM Naga City, Smokestack Radio London, Power Hit Radio 87.8 FM Christchurch, New Zealand, KALH 95.1 Los Luz, Mile Hi Radio, Denver, Tweed Coast 101.3 Pottsville Beach, Mudgee 87.6 NSW, Australia, Mitchell 102.1 Mitchell, QLD, Australia, Roma 95.9 SWQ, Australia, Radio Basingstoke UK, KINT 98 El Paso, TX, RFTK Radio Doncaster UK, Kool-FM 97.9 Pauanui, New Zealand, Kool-FM 107.6 Cooks Beach, New Zealand, Elite 365 Radio,  Full impact 365 Radio.



GYB (Got You Babe) reviews:


Played this guy's debut single last year, his follow up was just as good and this third single is easily as good if not better great blues rock player, great use of slide guitar... from Philip Morgan Lewis this is GYB! (Wyatt Wendels - Planet Rock Radio  - The New rock Show)


An earthy bluesy influence... Wow! (Gary Crowley - BBC introducing)


Cool song, I'll keep it in mind for my projects (Gary Z. Calamar - GO Music / KCRW)


Got You Babe,again Top writing, and another awesome track from the East End Blues Rocker give us more. (Phil Penny - Radio Trent)


It's great when the listeners love it as much as we do! (Mer & Mikki show WA12 radio)

Another great rockin blues tune.. added to the playlist and shared! (World Music united)


Another fab track! (Tracy Perry - Radioaktiv)


Brilliant Track added to freshest, blues and daily shows. (EGH radio Diane Green)


Another quality release from Philip Morgan Lewis (WSPN 91.1 Saratoga Springs NY - Alex Spinelli)


Love this song, will play on the show! (The Basement Tapes – KKID 92.9 FM US)


Loving this new sound! (Captain Sib Show)


Philip Morgan Lewis is a rad vocalist.

This cannot be denied. (Never Enough Notes)


Philip Morgan Lewis returns with a hot alternative rock new single and music video The Whistleblower. The follow up to the widely acclaimed EP Karma Comedown released last summer. The music video was shot in the streets of London and features a unique skateboard choreography. The Whistleblower has garnered rave reviews and support from the likes of Wyatt Wendels (Planet Rock UK national radio), Gary Crowley (BBC Introducing) and was single of the week on WSPN 91.1 Saratoga springs NY. An ever growing number of radio stations across the UK and US are now playing the single.


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Planet Rock Radio (New Rock Show),

TeamRock Radio (Breaking Bands Show)

Bloodstock Radio

Blues rock Review radio

Manx Radio 1368 AM (Isle of Man)



105.6FM Radio St Austel Bay

99.2 Hermitage FM

TeamRock Radio (Classic Rock Mag)

Radio Trent

ICR FM 105.7

PhaseOne Radio

Canalside The Thread 102.8FM

City Sounds Radio Blues (US)

Captain Sib Show

Venue DJ

A little bit louder

94.4FM Salford City Radio

103.9 Voice FM

Shoreditch Radio

Sheffield Live 93.2FM

Jam City America radio

Rock 101 Radio

Phoenix Radio 96.7FM

The Basement Tapes Show,
KKID 92.9FM -  US

Insane Realm Radio - US

New Visions Radio - US

Black Sky radio

Rock Mauritius Radio

World United Music
Rock & Alternative Music

BBC Introducing
BBC London 94.9
WA12 Radio


Rocker's Dive Radio

EGH Radio

Press reviews - interviews - airplay:

Interview Blues rock review
Earlier this year Philip Morgan Lewis released an EP entitled Karma Comedown, a six-track record that marked him as one of London’s rising stars and earned radio play on several stations near his home base and in the U.S., including the prominent Planet Rock. (Blues Rock Review - Interview)
Read the interview.


"Love this! Philip Morgan Lewis and some great guitars in there... it's just a great track" (Wyatt Wendels - Planet rock - UK national radio)


"Philip Morgan Lewis returns with another standout single, The Whistleblower, it's rather timely, and it is already getting serious airplay here in the States, and in his UK homeland..(Rock Guitar Daily - Tony Conley) read full review


"Listen to the low-slung rock of Philip Morgan Lewis" (Gary Crowley - BBC Introducing - BBC London 94.9)


"We both love your track so much we just cannot stop listening to it...  amazing vocals, production and the whole track is just perfection!" (Mer & Mikki Show -WA12 Radio)


Love this song, and keep it in our regular rotation!! (Nick & Bootsy -The Basement Tapes Show - KKID 92.9FM US)


A fun song that is sure to make you start shaking your legs the minute you hear it (Mugzmag) read full review


"Absolutely great rockin tune from Philip Morgan Lewis – The Whistleblower" (World United Music)


The Whistleblower entered #40 in the top 100 new rock releases chart on Rockadia powered by Itunes.


The Whistleblower is Single of the week on  91.1FM WSPN Saratoga Springs. (Recess: with Spinelli) Listen here


"With “Karma Comedown” leading the charge, Philip Morgan Lewis is beginning to make a splash in the UK and U.S. blues rock scenes and is certainly an artist to keep an eye on." (Blues Rock review) Read the full review


"One of the sonic standouts of 2013". (Tony Conley, Rock Guitar Daily) Read full review


 One the top 15 tracks this year (Wyatt Wendels - New rock Show - Planet Rock Radio)


 “I love this track and pretty much guarantee you won’t have heard this before” (Wyatt Wendels - New rock Show - Planet Rock Radio)


 "Here's a new release from someone who I think is a major new talent" ( Nicky Horne - Classic Rock Mag - TeamRock Radio)


 "Karma Comedown is what happens when blues rock is done right. The track has soul and Phil is definitely on my ones to watch list" (Sophie K - Breaking Bands - TeamRock Radio)


 "Philip is right up there with the likes of Hani El Katib and the Black Keys- Karma Comedown - Single of the week" (Recess with Spinelli - WSPN 91.1 FM Saratoga Springs  NY USA) Listen here


"Great track from a brand new artist Philip Morgan Lewis and that really Bluesy Rocky Karma Comedown which wouldn't sound out of place on the soundtrack of a big film..." (Wyatt Wendels - New rock Show - Planet Rock Radio)


 Philip is Bringing to the people great Rockin' Blues at it's Best as it should be !!! Tony Fitton ( Blues in the Nite - Phoenix Radio 96.7FM )


"One of the coolest tracks of the year.." (Dave Charles - 102.3 Hfm Radio)


 "Bootsy found the track on Volume 4 of the Blues Rock Review Album Sampler and knew we HAD to add it to our setlist!" (Nick & Bootsy The Basement Tapes 92.9FM -  Missouri US)


 "Karma Comedown is a track you must keep playing again and again, this new EP has blown me away... great beat and striking vocals, song of the year in my book!" - (Phil Penny - Trent Radio)


 “Karma Comedown is like a twisted cocktail consisting of soul, rock & roll, a groove so wicked it stings. It is as if Jack White sat down with Jimmy Page and decided what is missing in music today. This is not a limp wristed, apologetic or safe – it’s big, bold and unafraid”. (Arnold Hattingh, Platinum Rye Entertainment)


 "Great track.. A big slice of old fashioned rock and blues brought into the 21st century" (A little bit Louder)


 "Liking Philip's sound... I think it's brilliant" (Sheila Vanloo - Radio St Ausel Bay 105.6fm)






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